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How to get your Mobile Marketing Content Right?

Everywhere we look these days, the one thing that is common to everyone, the one omnipresent thing, is the smartphone.

Considering how important phones have become in our personal lives, it is natural for businesses to use this to their advantage and market their products. Using mobile phones for marketing content may prove to be a risky venture; if done right, it’ll be beneficial in expanding your consumer base, but if you get it wrong you may lose customers.

Fret not, the ideas shared by industry expert Greg Verdino will make this task simpler. Six things need to be kept in mind while making content marketing mobile friendly. They are as follows:

Responsive design is the key

We can access the web from practically anywhere thanks to technological advances. It is our responsibility as content developers to ensure that the consumer gets the best possible view of the content displayed on the website, irrespective of the platform where the content is being accessed from.

This is demonstrated with a perfectly integrated website: Flipkart. Its app, the website and the mobile website display the same content presented in a different manner ensuring that the consumer gets the best possible experience.

Redo your content in spots where responsive design doesn’t suffice

There are times when a responsive design just isn’t enough! At such times, we can’t just abandon the content that has to be displayed. An alternate way of communicating the same needs to be used. An example of this can be seen in the desktop version of the website and the app TED where there is an option of reading the transcripts of the talk instead of seeing the whole video.

Create a consistent digital experience for customers and content creators

In any given company, there will be different teams for managing different versions of the content. The problem arises when these teams are uncoordinated in their efforts which reflects poorly when the content displayed on various platforms are different. It gives the customers a disjointed experience. One such example of disjointed content can be seen with SBI where a person has to learn anew to navigate the content every single time they change the point of access. Coupled with this, they don’t have one comprehensive app, instead, they have more than 5 apps easily which can make dealing with the content presented quite irksome. It also becomes a costly affair for the company to optimize the workflow.

Make your content itself mobile

To create a consistent digital experience, it is essential that the content is the same. But to use the same content on various platforms requires that it be very malleable and mobile. Mobile content can be created using different strategies like COPE: create once, publish everywhere. Startups like Desi Hangover uses this strategy for marketing their content across social media, mobile website, and desktop version.

Explore the potential of adaptive content

Adaptive content is mainly about content reusability . same content presented in a slightly different manner, personalized for one individual. There is a huge potential for adaptive content as practically everything can be connected to the internet and information communicated. When a product is designed to serve the client’s end, like the MI band, the sensors detect when the consumer is sleeping and how much the consumer has walked. This personalized content is delivered to the client’s phone that is connected via Bluetooth.

Have a purpose

Lastly, Greg advises that whatever we do with content should serve some purpose and shouldn’t be just for the sake of it. However, innovative an idea, a content developer should always have in mind the larger picture. How is this content adding value to the already vast jungle of content and whether it has any business value?

If your content follows all these guidelines, you are on the path of getting mobile marketing content right, and you can rest assured that your content is going to reach places.

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