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Tips to Generate a Healthy Blog Follower Base

The internet is still a relatively new facet of media communication in India, and blogging seems to have become a crucial indicator of its popularity. There are hundreds and thousands of blogs, each with different approaches to similar topics. But as a blogger, it is important to direct traffic to your website. The reasons are simple – the greater the traffic, higher the popularity of your blog. The real challenge is to generate a strong follower base. It’s simple if you follow some of the most effective methods listed below!

Ask Subscribers to Share, and Give Them a Reason

Just plainly asking for shares isn’t the best approach. Instead, providing them with a reason along with your request gives your subscribers enough impetus to share your page/post.

Make Content Sharing Easy

Maintaining a benchmark comfort level for your readers is important. By asking them to share your content, you’re making them work for your benefit. This is enough reason for a reader not to share your posts. By simplifying the method of sharing content, you stand to gain.

Plugin tools are the best methods available, and apps like SumoMe, and Social Warfare, are best suited for this cause.

The ‘Click to Tweet’ Widget

You may have seen these little ‘Click to Tweet’ boxes appearing on numerous sites, and they’re all the rage. These boxes are the zenith of content promotion. By adding this to your content, you’re effectively making your content available at the click of a button.

Handy tools like ClickToTweet, and Better Click To Tweet, can be used to implement this button.

Social Share Count: Avoid the Low and Leverage the High

The strength of your website is decided based on how frequented your blog is. Very often, a new reader will not share your posts if your site displays a low number of shares. Likewise, a high number is more likely to generate sharing. As a measure, it is advisable to hide your Social Share Count, until it is at a high enough number.

Create Share-Worthy Content

Content quality is the most important aspect. Creating good content is the safest path to achieve reasonable shares. By posting articles on ‘trending’ topics, you’re more likely to cater to a larger audience. You may follow large publications to figure out what issue needs an article. There are two types of topics – trending topics and evergreen topics. The former generates significant interest but dies out eventually, whereas, the latter does not die out at all. For example, the recent, Pokémon GO craze in the various Indian cities, is a trending topic, since the interest behind it is already diminishing.

Find-Out What Your Blog Readers Want to Know Through Surveys

It’s important to figure out what your audience wants. The easiest way to do this is to use survey tools such as Polldaddy, to ask your audience a set of drafted questions. Readers in India are more likely to want to read articles regarding their country – or articles that pertain to their economic, political, or social state. Nevertheless, a quick poll of 5 questions is enough to learn a little bit more about your audience.

Make Images and Text Shareable

Not just your articles, but also your images and text are capable of dragging in viewers. Consider making the images and text shareable, through applications such as SumoMe’s Image Sharer.

Use Influencers to Gain More Traffic

Among your niche are a few select people, capable of sending massive traffic your way. It is important to involve these ‘influencers’ in the content creation process, thereby promoting your blog through them. An interview with them is good enough to send you on your way.

Repost Existing Articles in a Different Format

You need to be able to appeal to a large number of audience, and it’s important to create content in different formats. Videos for the video-savvy, text for the text-savvy. Videos and text should overlap when it comes to content because some viewers prefer videos to text and vice versa.

Promotion is NOT Secondary

Promotion is probably the backbone of a great blog. For an amateur blog, advertising plays a vital role when it comes to traffic. Here are some effective ways to promote:

  • Build a large email list.
  • Build a large social network following on other social websites like Twitter and Instagram.
  • Share content multiple times on social media.
  • Optimise posts for search engines.
  • Let influencers known when they’ve been mentioned on your blog.

It’s up to you now. Good luck!

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