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Freelance Writers, Beware of these Types of Clients!

As exciting as the job of a freelance writer sounds, it comes with a lot of challenges. When passion for writing is used for professional writing, one must understand the reality of the industry. Many beginners often get exploited by potential clients. Accepting any client that comes your way is not an answer, no matter how tempting it is.

One should not get lured into the job just because of temptation. Writers must learn to say “no” to avoid disappointment later. It is a tricky cycle, as some clients are just bad to deal with no matter how good you are.  Following are a few types of clients to be avoided when you start off as a freelance writer.

The Free Loader

This is the kind of client who promises payment and keeps delaying it when the time comes. Such clients can be troublesome when they suddenly stop answering your emails or calls. Every writer has the right to be paid for the work they’ve completed. Sometimes, payments can be late, and it is understandable. But if it is the same story repeatedly, an action must be taken against it.

The Stringent Client

Working with such clients can be exhausting, as they are never pleased. Usually, you can spot such clients when they ask you for tonnes of ‘samples’ before they hire you. Such clients are tough to impress and could be a total waste of time if not dealt with appropriately.  Once you spot them, it is better to have your conditions clear with them. Be sure not to get swayed by their, ‘I want to try you first’ attitude. Keeping it a two-way business is a safe way to put it than making it entirely about them.

The Indecisive Client

Indecisiveness could be another trait, as they may make you wait for a long time before they hire you. They may also tell you that they would hire you, but do not give you a contract. Every professional deal begins with a contract. Once they hire you, it could be a total waste of time, as they are prone to make last minute changes due to their ambivalent attitude. It could be hard to cope up with such clients as they drain you out of your soul.

The Exploiting Client

These clients want their full ‘value for money’, and may even make you work on weekends with tight schedules. They have a rigid approach and are strictly disciplined when it comes to deadlines. They might even overlook genuine pleas and make you work if you let them. They need assurances that they are getting the work for every penny they spend. This kind of exploitation may leave you disinterested and cause a low morale along with a lot of stress. It is almost impossible to negotiate with them, as they would fight for every cent.

The Overly- Involved Client

The overly involved client would track your every move and want updates on each and everything you do for the given project. They monitor the writer throughout their work and try to pin minute details. In such cases, you may end up wasting your time trying to correct and validate unnoticeable details and trying to make your work ‘perfect’.

After keeping in mind these few important points, one should assess the real ‘worth’ of working with such clients. Your choice, however, highly depends on your patience and financial motivation. Freelancing may sound appealing and attractive, but it comes with a bag full of risks, along with some terrible clients.

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