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Six Essentials While Hiring a Content Writer

They say that Content is King. But the real King is the writer that produces this content. In this digital era, it has become essential for every corporate house, business company, website, and brand to hire a content writer.

Why? Because it’s important to be present on the Internet. And that can only be possible with the help of quality content. Content that is created by content writers.

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There is a large number of content writers out there who are willing to produce quality content. But how do we decide which content writer is the best potential asset to our brand? Let’s find out.


The first and foremost thing to look for, while hiring a content writer is experience. Experience is non-negotiable and irreplaceable. It doesn’t matter what names or brands the author has worked with, as long as he/she has worked at all.  It could be beneficial if they have some experience in the same field of writing that they’re being hired for. That will save a lot of time on both ends and make the process of writing and publishing a lot smoother.


Skill is another non-negotiable criterion. The writer has to be competent enough to produce quality content. No brand would want to hire a writer whose product needs heavy editing or has grammatical errors. It’s important that the produced content is attractive, easily readable and has no spelling errors. To help with the selection process, potential writers can be asked to send a sample of their work that they’ve written and can then be judged by that piece of writing.


Research is the next most important thing to look for. No content writer should cut corners while researching or doing any hard work that results in a better content. So while hiring a content writer, it is important to notice the small details. Does the writer know about your brand? Is he/she passionate about the work that you’re trying to do? Working with anybody becomes a lot easier if both parties are working towards the same goal. Hence, it is always better to hire writers that share the same vision for the brand.


The next important consideration is the response to instructions. While working together, it’s important to be on the same page. Notice how any potential writer produces content in response to a brief given to him/her. This will primarily showcase how the rest of the professional relationship will look like. A writer who can produce flexible content according to the demands of the employer or company is always sought after.


Next, comes the price. Budget is important for every brand or business, so it’s important to find a writer who is affordable and does not exceed budget limits. At the same time, beware of writers who charge less or essentially nothing at all for an article or blog post. Something like this probably means that the writer is not very confident about her/his writing, which could either be because she/he is not writing in her/his first language or because the work is plagiarised. It is important to make sure that while the company sticks to its budget limits, the writer is being rewarded for her/his content.

Background check

And finally, it is essential to check for original documents and references while hiring a content writer. In this day and age, where freelance writers are found everywhere, it becomes difficult to ensure the authenticity of the person who is being hired. For this purpose, it always helps to ask for references, which should then be cross-checked and verified, and store original documents in the company’s records.

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