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Using Quora Like You Are the founder

Adam D’ Angelo, a former Facebook employee and the co-founder of Quora, in an answer to a Quora question, “What is Quora?” answered, “Quora connects you to everything you want to know.” More explicitly, it is a constantly expanding form of social media, where the real star is the response to the post, rather than the post itself. You can find a plethora of topics here, from which, you may select your areas of interest and ask questions. No matter what the field, there are extremely high chances that the question will be answered by an expert (in that particular field) without you having to wait for long.

Quora is almost seven years old, but if you have recently joined Quora or are considering it, the following are a few tips that will definitely come to your rescue.

First things first : Respect

Quora’s core policy is, ‘Be Nice, Be Respectful’ (BNBR). You will get a warning if you are not. Quora is a huge platform that is continually evolving. When you ask a question, it is less likely that you will get the answer exactly as you expect it. People often have conflicting views and if their views conflict with yours, you cannot say, “Go back to school, you imbecile” to them. It is an unsubstantiated insult that other social platforms tolerate. Quora on the other hand, makes sure that your criticism, if any, is constructive in nature.

Arouse interest

Well, how else would you get any attention?

  • Apart from giving off a welcoming vibe, your answers should also be distinctively reusable.
  • It goes without saying that they need to be beneficial and unorthodox.
  • You may add humour, but it is preferred when it is inescapable.
  • Verbosity is always attractive. It presents you as insightful and knowledgeable, so it will be easier for you to gain trust.

Add depth to your questions

  • While most social networks say, “This is the movie I watched”, Quora says, “Which movie should I watch?”. The question mark is crucial and constructs half of the entire concept of Quora.
  • These questions need to be flexible, leaving room for consequential answers, but should not be too vague.
  • The questions must be directed at all those who are capable of answering, rather than at a specific user.
  • Basic grammatical requirements need to be met.
  • The questions are stronger if they are neutral and unbiased.
  • The detail section of a question is not meant for posting questions/answers; it is there for you to provide some background information about your question.

Add expertise to your answers

  • If half of Quora comprises of questions, the other half is constructed by answers. Following a neat format, creating laconic paragraphs, and providing answers that are sculptured neatly are the basic standards. 
  • Plagiarism is a serious offence, so if you do someone else’s content, mention the sources.
  • If readers wanted to research, they would not have asked the question on Quora. Do not post links that would direct users to other websites. 
  • Promotions are only permitted when genuinely advantageous.

Followers create a following

When you join a new platform, getting yourself new followers is a challenge.

So how can you gain followers on Quora?

  • The most effective method is to write many answers. Write them on topics that are popular, given that you either know the topic well or have researched it extensively.
  • Not everyone welcomes criticism. When you see someone making a mistake, do not jump to rectify it. Quora is not the right place to get into an argument. On the other hand, when you read an admirable answer, commend it and share it.
  • Two basic methods are either to join with a bunch of friends or follow those who follow when they’re followed; similar to what most users do on networks like Instagram.

At the end of the day, Quora is all about sharing knowledge and opening up new horizons to millions of people. Having meaningful relationships with people by helping them out. All that’s required for you is to jump in, the water’s great!

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