What rules must I follow for my guest blog post to be accepted?
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  1. All Blog posts must contain at least 500 words, properly formatted with headings and sub-headings and grammatically correct.
  2. The articles must contain relevant stock images (at least one). The images should not require any attribution. In the case of a copyright infringement, White Panda shall not be held responsible.
  3. The topic of the guest post must belong to one of the following: SEO, Content Marketing, Content Writing, WordPress, social media, traffic generation, Inbound Marketing. We would be happy to accept your suggestions as well.
  4. Any link that is useless or irrelevant will be removed. Blogs with too many keywords will be rejected. Plagiarized content will be rejected as well.
  5. White Panda reserves the right to publish any post on its blog.
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