I have created a profile on White Panda. What should I do next?
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To be able to accept jobs from a given industry, a Freelance Writer must give a topic proficiency test first. The test requires the Freelance Writer to submit a 150 word write-up on a randomly generated topic. In addition, a writer can give three references of past work he/she has done that has been published on the internet.
White Panda currently provides content in ten areas :
  1. Art and Design
  2. Entertainment
  3. Lifestyle and Travel
  4. Sports and Fitness
  5. Business
  6. Food and Beverage
  7. Publishing and Journalism
  8. Education
  9. Healthcare and Sciences
  10. Software and Technology
This write-up and the references determine the Freelance Writer’s paygrade in that topic. This pay-grade is assigned to you after a qualitative assessment of your work. A Freelance Writer can give the topic proficiency test for as many topics he/she wishes, but can give each test only once.
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